How To Uninstall Reward Pending Manually (Remove Reward Pending Online Scam)

“Reward Pending” is a nasty browser hijacker that claims to offer rewards to users and ask to perform a quick survey. It suddenly appears in the middle of your surfing and shows attractive rewards which tempt users and they quickly agrees to it. But be aware of this program as Reward Pending is a deceptive website that is designed purposefully to collect user’s private data related to browsing, their interests and so on. These data are send to remote sever that helps to serve advertising campaigns for third-party. Once get in, the infected browser is controlled by some dubious extension that changes settings without the permission of users and force it to redirect to Reward Pending like sites. Thus, users must not trust on them and not be fooled of getting any rewards. As you may not get any such rewards rather it will lead to identity fraud or data loss. If you are continuously getting redirected to Reward Pending then quickly follow the removal guide.

Remove Reward Pending


We would recommend to use below tool and run it on your computer to remove Reward Pending automatically.


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