How To Uninstall HOTCOPYPASTE.EXE Completely

HOTCOPYPASTE.EXE is a malicious executable file that may be associated with various online scam. The file is being distributed through spam mail attachments, fake software updates and infected media devices. It is mostly located under “AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\ folder” to escape from anti-virus detection. HOTCOPYPASTE.EXE file modifies registry entries to launch specific program, establish remote connections and exploit other vulnerabilities of the attacked system to intrude other harmful programs.

Many AV vendors has also detected this files as a severe threat that can attack any versions for windows OS. If you suspect HOTCOPYPASTE.EXE file running under task manager window, then it means your system is infected with file-encrypting threat that encrypts most of the files on the attacked PC like documents, images, videos, PDFs and similar other with a strong private key. Further, you may also notice your files being replaced by random extensions name and a ransom note appearing on your desktop that asks you to pay the ransom in order to get back your files. So, don’t delay to remove HOTCOPYPASTE.EXE as soon as you notice it. Quickly run a powerful scan to your computer in order to detect any malicious program.

We would recommend to use below tool and run it on your computer to remove HOTCOPYPASTE.EXE automatically.