How To Uninstall CouponRockstar (Quick Removal Method)

“I am seeing a lots of pop ups and ads from CouponRockstar On my google chrome. I am really afraid. Is it a serious malware? I have no clue how my computer got this. How can I get rid of CouponRockstar?”

CouponRockstar” is classified as an adware program that get installed automatically in your computer along with free software download. Although author of this adware claims that it will enhance your online shopping experience by providing promos and discount coupons. However this is completely a bogus program, user gets annoyed by the changes made by CouponRockstar without their permission. Once installed, CouponRockstar adds its malicious codes to Windows registry and modifies your browser settings. Therefore, a bunch of ads by CouponRockstar covers your browser’s screen, which is very annoying and disturbing. Not only that those ads might drag your PC for further malware attacks. And the most worried thing about CouponRockstar is that it can collects your private information by spying your browsing activities and might share it with cyber criminal for evil purpose. You need to delete this worthless program from the infected computer as soon as possible.

Remove CouponRockstar


We would recommend to use below tool and run it on your computer to remove CouponRockstar automatically.


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