Protect Your PC From UNNAM3D Ransomware (Manual Removal Guide)

“UNNAM3D” is a new Ransomware that encrypts the data on the target PC using .UNNAM3D file extension. This Ransomware is usually distributed via spam e-mails, suspicious websites, torrents, P2P network and free software offering. Once your computer is infected, it will quickly sneak into and execute in the system process without the knowledge of the user.The encrypted files are no more accessible by the users. But the main intention of the ransomware is not only demand ransom but is more like showing hate towards the Facebook social networking site. This is because the reason UNNAM3D ransomware does not save any decryption key for the encrypted files. It uses multi-layer encryption process to generate a separate key for each encrypted files, so that the victims have no any option to recover the files even after paying the ransom.

You can get this infection through spam mail attachments that appear on your inbox subjected as “URGENT” or “IMPORTANT”. The spammers may also use the name of genuine companies like Microsoft or any invoice from Amazon. Users quickly believe on such spams and click on the attachment to download on their PC.
Not only that, the fake version of SvcHost.exe file is also disguised in the name of Windows updates which is absolutely fake. You may receive pop-ups while visiting any infected website that asks users to “Update your Windows”. As soon as user clicks on the update button/link it will redirect to a fake website with MicrosoftWindowsOperating System installer.

Unfortunately, if the user downloads the file, then the malicious svchost.exe payloads will be executed on your system. Soon after that, it starts encrypting data like documents, photos, videos, PDFs and so on with multi-layered cryptography and append “.UNNAM3D” file extension to them. Not only that, UNNAM3D ransomware also tampers other crucial windows system files like Windows Registries, other executable files, Windows boot processes, anti-virus programs and others.

Removing UNNAM3D ransomware virus from the infected PC is a tricky process too, as it shuts down the installed anti-virus programs. So, you need to reboot your PC into “Safe Mode with Networking” and then download the anti-virus program provided below to detect and remove this threat.

We would recommend to use below tool and run it on your computer to remove UNNAM3D automatically.


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