How To Uninstall LAUNCHPAGE.ORG (Step By Step Removal Method)


LAUNCHPAGE.ORG is a scam website designed by cyber criminals to fraud money from users. This tech scam program displays scary security alerts like “Windows Detected virus”, “dllRegisterServer fail with error code” and restricts user from closing the Pop-up. If the user believes in such warnings, then they could lose their money as well as important data stored inside the PC. LAUNCHPAGE.ORG generally occurs when user download any freeware programs from the internet containing PUPs or adware. These kinds of programs runs against the user’s wish and loads up nasty pop-ups like LAUNCHPAGE.ORG. Users are advised not to trust on those warnings as they are absolutely deceptive rather they need to follow the removal guide to get rid of this pop-ups virus.


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