Remove Ads by SharPlayer

Ads by SharPlayer is a browser extension which is claimed to help users to create a playlist of videos from you tube and other similar websites. However it is an advertising application that presents unwanted ads to your browser. You should understand that ad-supported programs just isn’t malicious, but it’s can be intrusive and harmful web domain.
Remove Ads by SharPlayer

Remove Ads by SharPlayer

Ads by SharPlayer is an adware program that displays pop-up ads and advertisements on your visited web pages. The Ads by SharPlayer advertisements will be shown as boxes containing various profitable coupons, which are shown as underlined keywords, pop-up ads or advertising banners. Ads by SharPlayer is commonly bundled with other free programs that you download off of the Internet. Once your computer got installed by Ads by SharPlayer it will display advertising banners,pop-ups and in-text ads through Ads by SharPlayer. The prime moto of these ads are to promote the installation of additional suspicious content including web browser toolbars, optimization utilities and other products, all so the Ads by SharPlayer publisher can generate pay-per-click revenue.your browser pop-ups will suggest you various fake updates or other software, other unwanted adware programs can get installed without your permission when inject by Ads by SharPlayer.

We would recommend to use below tool and run it on your computer to remove Ads by SharPlayer automatically.

Removal tool

How your computer got infected with  Ads by SharPlayer.

Your computer might got infected by Ads by SharPlayer while downloading free ware, shareware or any torrent file without your knowledge. Although users have the opportunity to accept or decline  Ads by SharPlayer virus while installing the program but the decline instruction for Ads by SharPlayer is  very confusing and in some cases the download manager ignore completely the user’s request to decline installation of  Ads by SharPlayer . This may how your computer got infected by Ads by SharPlayer virus.

Effects of Ads by SharPlayer on your computer

•Ads by SharPlayer Hijacks your current webpage and redirect it to unknown sites.
•Ads by SharPlayer can change your apps, downloads and theme
•Ads by SharPlayer displays fake advertisements and corrupted links.
•Ads by SharPlayer can update your installed application without your permission.
•Ads by SharPlayer can steal your personal data like IP address, login data and browsing keywords and visited URLs.

How to manually remove Ads by SharPlayer from browsers

Google Chrome

Remove Ads by SharPlayer  extensions

  1. Click the Customize and control Google Chrome icon on the top menu and navigate to More tools > Extensions.
  2. Search for the Ads by SharPlayer extension in the list. By clicking the trash icon and delete unwanted browser extensions.



Mozilla Firefox

  1. Type ctrl+shift+A and search for the Ads by SharPlayer add-ons on the plugin and Extensions tab and delete it individually.
  2. Re-set your default settings by modifying Homepage and search engine.
  3. Re-start your browser.



Apple Safari

  1. Click Safari and go to preference > Extensions
  2. Search Ads by SharPlayer  extension and uninstall it.
  3. Re-set your default settings by modifying Homepage and search engine.
  4. Re-start your browser.



How to manually remove Ads by SharPlayer from Windows 7

    1. Open Windows Start menu.
    2. Go to control panel-> Open Programs and features and search for Ads by SharPlayer program and click to uninstall.


  • Delete any folders or files related to Ads by SharPlayer  by checking the following locations:




%LocalAppData%Note:- Manual removal requires high proficiency as it is really tough and risky process. If you are unaware about where its malevolent files are really hiding, it is compulsory for you make use of this potent automatic virus removal tool as it will facilitate you save your time and hassle.

Removal tool

How to install Spyhunter:

  • Click on the above link and execute the required actions.

step1 spyhunter

  • After installation this program should be updated and scan. Examine the result when the scan will be finished. If you find some useful for you utilities in the list, so you can eliminate the tick near it, otherwise Spyhunter will remove the software. It pertains to the uncommon and special utilities that users install for their work. But generally, there is no need to delete any ticks.

step-2 spyhunter

  • After that you should click Fix Threats button. If you have already had the license, then the viruses will be removed. In case you did not, then you will have the opportunity to pay for the license key.

step-4 spyhunter

Your computer is fully protected now.


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