MacKeeper™ is a legitimate and one of the most trusted security software that is featured with “HUMAN INSIDE TECHNOLOGY” that provides 24/7 connection to Apple Certified tech experts. The program also features the “Fw2ind & Fix module” that allows our professionals to remotely scan and repair any Mac-related issues.

MacKeeper™ can auto-locate, mark, and remove browser corrupt plugins/extensions and other advertising-supported software that generates advertising such as pop-ups, redirects, and JS-injects.

What is MacKeeper?

MacKeeper is a set of useful tools to get your Mac performing the way it should. Get extra disk space after removing junk files, file copies, and unwanted apps. The built-in antivirus will keep your Mac safe from malware and adware. Plus, MacKeeper comes with handy optimization tools so you could do things faster on your Mac.

What makes MacKeeper different from other cleaning apps?

MacKeeper cleans junk files and useless apps just like other cleaning apps. But MacKeeper goes beyond by protecting your Mac from viruses, adware, and other major threats.

Can MacKeeper protect my Mac from malware and adware?

Yes. MacKeeper comes with antivirus protection and Adware Cleaner, a tool that detects and removes malware, viruses, Trojans, adware infections, and other major threats. Plus, you’ll always have 24/7 customer support by your side.

Can I use MacKeeper on iPhone or iPad?

MacKeeper was designed to clean and protect Mac computers only. However, you can install the Track My Mac app on your iPhone or iPad to monitor the current location of your Mac.

How often should I use MacKeeper?

Junk files are created as a result of regular computer use. There is no way you can prevent them from appearing. That’s why we suggest cleaning junk files every week to keep your Mac clean.


Find & Fix:

  • MacKeeper™ scans your system for junk files, security gaps and performance discrepancies.
  • Based on the system scan results, MacKeeper™ creates a report and securely transmits it to your remote expert.
  • Your personal Apple Certified Support Professional connects via built-in chat to be ready with answers to all your questions.
  • Together with you, the expert analyzes the data and reports back to you, explaining every single detail.
  • Using the results of the report, an automatic fix of the found items is applied.find-fix_screenshot

System Status:

System Status appears every time you open MacKeeper™ to help you monitor your Mac’s current condition. A simplified overview of your Mac’s status, as well as a quick view of any cleaning, performance or security items that may affect your Mac, make it easy to keep on top of your Mac’s well-being. If System Status is showing risky items on your Mac, simply run Find & Fix to get an Apple Certified Support Professional to take care of them.systemstaus

Geek On Demand:

Geek on Demand is the ultimate tool when you have a problem or question related to your Mac’s health and need an expert’s opinion or technical assistance. All demands are looked at individually by Apple Certified Support Professionals.geek-on-demand__screenshot

Fast Cleanup:

Quickly remove junk files (such as temporary caches, logs, unused language packages and legacy application parts) that take up hard drive space and slow down your

Internet Security Features:

Protect your Mac from phishing scams, malware, spyware, adware, viruses and identity theft while you’re using the Internet.internet-security_screenshot

The features of MacKeeper™ is endless, the more you explore the more you get. It is a worth and must have security utility for your PC.

macdownloadbuttonSystem Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or later

To Get Started:
  1. Click on the Above button to Download MAC Keeper on your MAC PC.
  2. Follow two easy steps to install MacKeeper.macinstall
  3. Drag the MacKeeper icon from the Applications folder to your Dock.macondock
  4. Now click on Find & Fix menu appearing on MAC keeper Application.
Click to download

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